Check Point Performance Training

One of the most liked features of Check Point Firewalls, which is widely used in the world and in our country, is that it is easy to manage and has a strong structure. With its powerful architecture, Check Point also provides high performance and flexibility you need. With our Check Point Performance training, we go down to the architecture of Check Point and enter the optimization of performance.

Training Details

Course Content

  • Performance Factors
  • What is Performance for?
  • Security and Performance, both in one
  • Determining the capacity need and scaling
  • Check Point Performance Architecture
  • Players Affecting Performance
  • Software Blades
  • Acceleration at Software Level
  • Check Point Kernel
  • SecureXL
  • CoreXL
  • Hardware Level Acceleration
  • Check Point Appliancelar
  • Performans Best Practice

Who Should Attend?

  • Firewall Administrators
  • Security Administrators
  • Security Engineers


  • CCSA/CCSE Sertifikasına ya da en az 2 yıl benzer deneyimine sahip olmak