Check Point Compliance Now More Compliant with PCI-DSS 4.0 Support

Do you protect your organization strongly against credit card security breaches?

Information and data breaches have a devastating effect on organizations whose safety network is not adequately protected. No organization wants to experience the loss of customers as a result of compromising internal business data such as customer information, transaction history and other important information.

Supported by PCI DSS 4.0, Check Point Compliance creates a data security foundation to protect your organization’s sensitive payment data. It provides an optimized security and audit environment with pre-diagnosed compliance reports.

Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the industry-recognized, strongest security standard available worldwide. According to the 2020 Verizon Payment Security Report, only 27.9% of organizations currently maintain full compliance with the Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

All organizations must meet a total of 12 PCI DSS requirements. Compliance requirements vary according to the type and volume of transactions performed by the company and are determined by the acquiring bank.

PCI DSS 4.0 updates aim to expand flexibility, support security as a continuous process and meet the changing security needs of the payment industry. It also strengthens the protocols used by organizations using different methods for security to achieve their security objectives.

Check Point Compliance

Advantages of Check Point Compliance with PCI-DSS 4.0 support;

  • Flexibility: Customized Implementation for the Purpose of Security Controls
  • Security: Stringent Requirements
  • Authentication: A Deeper Focus on the NIST MFA/Password Guide
  • Encryption: Wider Applicability in Trusted Networks
  • Monitoring: Technology Development Requirements
  • Critical Control Test Frequency: Possible Inclusion of DESV Requirements

If you are already a Check Point Compliance user, you can download the regulation mapping by logging in via the link below to transfer our updated PCI-DSS 4.0 support to your Compliance panel.

You can use the video below to check out or update your compliance status.

You can contact us to achieve compliance in your organization with Check Point Compliance PCI-DSS 4.0 support.