We provide Security Orchestration solution with our partner Demisto which is a leading SOAR platform that helps security teams accelerate incident response, standardize and scale processes, and learn from each incident while working together.


What is Security Orchestration and Automation ?

The most effective way to nurture people, processes and technology to strengthen an institution’s security stance is called security Orchestration. The purpose of Safety Regulation and Automation is to simplify security processes, connect different security tools and technologies, and maintain the right balance between machine-operated security automation and human intervention. This SOAR Platform empowers security experts to effectively and efficiently perform and interfere with security operations.


What is the difference between Security Orchestration Security & Automation?


Interlocking “Security Orchestration ” and “Security Automation” is a common industry application, but these terms are not the same.

Security automation allows machines to do ‘job-oriented’ tasks. The Security Orchestration allows both security and non-security products to integrate and automate tasks between products through workflows.

Security automation is a subset of the Security Orchestration. Security regulation includes a combination of people, processes and technology to improve an organization’s security posture.


Why We need for SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation Response)?

The volume and complexity of alerts are increasing, demanding accuracy and agility in response to ensure that no alert slips through the cracks.